Signature Tours gives you a way to experience Southern Africa your way!

 “Knowing how to plan your tour begins by knowing who you are,” tells Jannie Loubser, the owner and manager of Signature Tours. The first step for any client of Signature Tours is discussing what they want to get out of their experience. 

 “South Africa is a hugely diverse place, in terms of culture, nature and experiences. The importance lies in knowing what your requirements are,” says Jannie.

 With the help of Signature Tours, you create a tailored travel experience that matches your interest, preference and budget to ensure you get the best out of your visit to Southern Africa. 


Expectation and Emphasis:

“It is important to know exactly what the client expects. Is it a family holiday, a bucket list item or a business trip? Is there an anniversary,” says Jannie about some of the important questions when planning your personalised trip. 

 “A client must also know which aspects of the country grab their interest the most when discussing their trip,” tells Jannie.

 “Would you like to emphasise culture or nature?” asks Jannie. “If you are talking about nature, then it’s important to know if there should be an emphasis on scenery, wildlife or would you prefer to just chill on a beach?” 

Special Interests

Do you have a particular interest or skill that you may want to include in your trip to Southern Africa as these special skills can open new doors in your Southern African Experience. 

 If you love photography, we can ensure that your trip includes various opportunities to get the best shots possible. If you are a stargazer, we can make sure to plan your route to pass by some of the premier stargazing locations that Southern Africa has to offer.

“I do everything for everybody, like setting up a stargazer with a specialist astronomer in the Karoo or organising general holidays. My aim is to fulfil the real meaning of a signature tour,” explains Jannie.

Finer Details:

Your input does not just extend to the where and when of your trip but also to the how. Clients give their input into the finer details of the trip. The style of accommodation, room type, and even the pace of the trip is customizable.

 “I like to involve clients when planning, let’s say, their accommodation.,” tells Jannie. “You would have various four or five-star hotels in Cape Town. I would then ask: Do you enjoy modern hotels or the old Cape Dutch style experience, hotels or the smaller bed and breakfasts? We offer you a choice between accommodations and ask them which one they prefer to fine-tune it into an experience that will fit them like a glove.” 

Signature Tours offers you choices in almost every aspect of the planning process. This ensures that you get the best possible experience that you can ask for! 

 “It’s all about optimising our client’s expectations with our local expertise,” says Jannie.