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Value for money is one of the trust principles Signature Tours is based on.

Signature Days

The main costs involved in a day tour are for the driver guide, vehicle, fuel and toll. For this we charge around R3800 per full day local tour. It applies to a group size of 1 to 6 guests. If the day involves more than around 250 kms, the rate will go up. Activities and entrances are in general for the client’s own account as this allows for a more flexible tour.

Signature Routes

The main costs involved in what we call an “overland” tour are for the driver guide, vehicle and fuel, toll, driver guide meals and accommodation, guest accommodation (normally bed and breakfast), game reserve lodge accommodation (normally full board including game viewing activities). Here too, activities and entrances are in general for the client’s own account as this allows for a more flexible tour. It is important to know that Signature Tours enjoys special discounted trade rates with our suppliers. We calculate your tour’s trade cost based on the discounted rates and then add a mark-up to cover our expenses and in line with a price decision.

Use our Tour Cost Calculator to get a feel for what your tour might cost.

Private Guided or Self-Drive

Both options are available. Self-drive is of course cheaper but there are real advantages when using a driver guide. Apart from not having to drive or navigate, your guide will discuss the program with you and how to optimise the time travelling. The guide knows for example the best places for photo stops, the best coffee stops, the best restaurants for your taste and will make sure the programme runs according to your preferred pace. He/she is also importantly a source of local information and perspective.

Within Budget

Everyone has an idea of what we are willing and able to spend on a holiday. The price of a holiday in Southern Africa is determined mainly by the level of luxury accommodation, number of nights/days travelling, domestic flights and whether it is a private guided or self-drive tour. We will make sure that we understand the above before costing a tour for you. However it might be that once you see the tour price, you want to make it cheaper or realise that you are actually able to afford a more luxurious experience (especially due to the often very favourable exchange rates). We will work with you to either reach your budget or get as close as possible to it.