Signature Tours invites you to a bespoke travel experience of Southern Africa, unveiling the unfamiliar, untouched, and genuinely extraordinary.

Jannie Loubser, the heart and soul behind Signature Tours, reveals that the foundation of the company’s unique offerings is deeply rooted in his decades of expertise and intimate knowledge of the region’s finest attractions.

“After 23 years in the tourism industry, my interactions with both clients and service suppliers have shown me the finest experiences that truly represent the Southern African region,” Loubser reflects.

Visitors are offered a smorgasbord of experiences ranging from the majestic Kruger National Park to the serene Okavango Delta. The highlight? Customized trips ensure every adventure is tailored perfectly for you.

“It’s like mining for gold: after many steps, you’re left with a handful of pure gold. On the Signature Tours website, you’ll find these ‘golden’ tours, showcasing the very best experiences in Southern Africa.”


Crafting Unique Experiences:

While global icons like Cape Town and Victoria Falls are standard fare on travel wish lists, it’s the individual touch of Signature Tours that distinguishes them from the rest. Loubser prides himself on carving out itineraries that echo each traveler’s personal story.

“A popular destination or experience can easily be customised to what a client wants,” Jannie recalls. “A client of mine was an Olympic competitive swimmer and he and his wife wanted to tour the Cape Peninsula. They loved beaches and swimming and collecting a small sample of sand for their memories of all the beaches they have enjoyed all over the world.  So, I tailored their journey to make the Peninsula experience unique and memorable for them.”

But the journey doesn’t stop at just the well-trodden paths. Loubser’s vast network and local expertise mean lesser-known spots find their way into your itinerary, ensuring a comprehensive Southern African experience.

“The greatest value that we add, as a local tour operator, is extensive local knowledge. This enables us to introduce travelers to both renowned and hidden gems of southern Africa,” he elaborates.

Budget constraints? Not a deterrent. Signature Tours prides itself on delivering luxury that doesn’t strain your wallet.

“Signature Tours are positioned to offer 4- to 5-star levels of luxury tours but we will also include good quality 3-star level accommodation. We work hard to ensure optimal value for each client and  always ensure the most efficient and memorable route and duration.”


Immersing in the Essence:

For Signature Tours, every destination is about more than just the sights; it’s about immersing you in the unique atmosphere and ethos of each place. Loubser calls this the “sense of place.”

“Different places, like the Kruger bushveld or Stellenbosch in the Winelands, offer distinct feelings. I’ve explored every location in our tours, and each is distinctively captivating. If circumstances permit, I always suggest tours that encapsulate these varied “senses of places”.”

Combining celebrated sites with undiscovered treasures, Signature Tours promises an unmatched journey into Southern Africa’s soul.