Ever wondered what makes a wine really special? Jannie Loubser, the boss of Signature Tours, puts it simply: “The best wine is the one you enjoy. Or to think about it more deeply, the best wine is the one in your glass.”

It’s not only about the wine; it’s about creating an experience as individual as you are. And there’s no better place for such an experience than in the most visually stunning wine area in the world—the Cape Winelands of Southern Africa.


The Unrivalled Beauty of Cape Winelands

“If I say the Cape Winelands are incredibly scenic, it’s mainly because of the beautiful mountains nearby,” notes Loubser. But it’s more than just looking from afar. Being in the Cape Winelands means “enjoying the views, valleys, vineyards, and mountains as you go through the Winelands.”

Picture tasting a fine Cabernet Sauvignon while your eyes take in valleys filled with lush grapevines and mountain tops on the horizon. Here, the stunning scenery is not just a background; it’s a key part of what you’re experiencing. With Signature Tours, you’re not just visiting the Winelands; you’re fully experiencing them, taking in their unique beauty at every step.

What makes a trip with Signature Tours different? Jannie sums it up: “Our guides talk to our guests to understand what they’re looking for in the Winelands, then use their knowledge to make the day perfect”

It’s more than choosing; it’s a carefully picked collection of experiences made just for you. Whether you’re drawn to famous wine estates like “Kanonkop, Jordan, Thelema, Rainbow’s End, Van Loveren, Vergelegen,” or more hidden spots, Signature Tours delivers. You’re not just a visitor; you’re a discoverer on a journey for your own perfect wine. Let Signature Tours guide you on this adventure.

Wine tours can be tailored in every way. The possibilities are endless: add zip-lining, whale watching, or a visit to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens to make your trip unforgettable.

With so many choices, from Fairview’s Master Tasting that “pairs their wines with their own cheeses,” to the upscale tastings at Rupert and Rothschild, Signature Tours caters to your every food and wine wish. Fancy a Winemaker’s lunch at Rust and Vrede? Jannie considers it a top pick. Whether you’re a food lover eager for new flavours or a wine enthusiast seeking the next great glass, there’s something for everyone.


Wine creating Priceless Memories:

Talking about cost, Jannie puts it clearly: “We do private guided tours which cost more… but are they really more costly?” With Signature Tours, it’s not only about the price; it’s about the unmatched, best experience you’re getting.

On a private guided tour, “value” means so much more. “Being privately guided means better interaction with the guide, more flexibility, and enjoying the tour your way,” Jannie explains.

“The one thing I hope every visitor remembers from a Signature Tours trip in the Cape Winelands is wonderful memories that add to their life,” Jannie thinks. It’s not just about the wine or the amazing views; it’s about making memories you’ll always treasure.

Why only read about it when you can live it yourself? Book your Signature Tour now and start an unforgettable gourmet journey that’s all about you.