When we think about travelling, we usually imagine famous places, beautiful views, and ‘must-see’ spots that are popular. But what if you could explore more than just what’s popular?  More than what can be seen on Instagram, to find things most travellers never experience?

If you love unique, luxury adventures and want to find the secret spots in Southern Africa, Signature Tours can create these special journeys for you. It’s not just about a quick visit; it’s about deeply exploring the hidden cultural treasures and undiscovered places that make this world so fascinating.


Hidden Gems and Lesser-Known Locales

Sure, you might join others at the usual tourist spots, but as Jannie Loubser, the head of Signature Tours, says: “Real cultural experiences often happen unexpectedly, without any planning or acting, in their true setting.”

Think about the wonder of learning about the complex environment of the Karoo veld, explained by an expert guide who makes the dry landscape come alive. Or maybe it’s the meaningful chats with people in less-visited places like Namaqualand, the Cederberg Wilderness, or the Eastern Cape.

“The best cultural memories are made when you have time and freedom to talk with locals. Our guides understand this and will make these moments happen for our travellers,” explains Loubser. “The people of Southern Africa are friendly and open-hearted. We enjoy talking with tourists and also learning from other cultures. This is when you really get to understand our diverse cultures. Talk to people wherever you go, be truly friendly, and you’ll see how well we respond.”

What makes Signature Tours special is the genuine, customized adventures that take you to places few have seen. This is your chance to go beyond the usual in Southern Africa and discover its secret wonders.


The Essence of Personalization

But it’s not only about the things you see; it’s about how you feel while experiencing them.

“I’ve created lots of ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ moments for my clients. It’s all about making it personal,” shares Loubser. With Signature Tours, you get more than a regular trip plan; you get a journey tailored to your deepest wishes and interests. Whether you love surprise adventures or the comfort of carefully planned details, Signature Tours designs a trip that’s uniquely for you.

Finding the right mix of luxury and adventure is a skill. “Luxury means different things to different people,” Loubser points out. Whether you dream of a private flight to a lodge in Kruger or a quiet moment in untouched nature, expect an adventure that fulfils all your desires.


Travelling the Unexplored Landscapes

When it comes to scenery, Southern Africa is a stunning mix of natural beauty. There are hidden treasures for the keen traveller.

“Many don’t connect Southern Africa with the Garden Route, the Winelands, Hermanus, Whales, Namaqualand flowers, the Cederberg Wilderness, the Karoo, Swartberg Mountain Pass, the Kalahari desert, Namibia, or the Okavango Delta,” says Loubser. Each place has its special charm, ideal for those who want a luxury adventure off the usual path. These untouched areas offer not just beautiful sights but also a treat for the soul.

And if you had to choose just one unforgettable activity for your first trip to Southern Africa? Loubser recommends without a doubt: “A safari in the Greater Kruger. It’s a mix of unspoiled nature, a real sense of the area, expert knowledge, luxury stays, and a great chance to meet local people.” This is more than just a trip; it’s a life-changing experience.

If you’re looking for a memorable journey that matches your taste for adventure and luxury, your search ends here. Get in touch with Signature Tours to start a Southern African adventure as special as you are.

So, what’s stopping you? Contact Signature Tours now and start planning your perfect Southern African adventure.