Who are We?

A signature represents a person’s identity and specific intent. A personalisation and expression that separates one person from the next. This is what Signature Tours offers to you when planning a trip to Southern Africa, a uniquely personal experience.

Signature Tours has provided clients with customizable, personalised tours of Southern Africa for over 20 years. Their goal still is to provide you with the necessary assistance to create a unique experience, showcasing everything great about Southern Africa. 

“It’s about the hand-picked experiences that represent the best of Southern Africa,” says Jannie Loubser, the owner and manager of Signature Tours.

20 years ago, Jannie switched from engineering to working within the tourism sector due to his love of the social environment that tourism offers. His dream was to create highly personalised tours of Southern Africa and to help clients achieve this by getting to know their requirements in as much detail as possible.

Experience and Trust:

According to Jannie, a key component in organising an excellent custom trip that showcases the best a client can experience is a foundation of trust. Signature Tours, through professional interaction with the client and with local expert knowledge, ensures that your ideal tour comes to life.

“Through knowledge, the way we interact with people over social media, our depth of experience in this market, all of this leads to a trust relationship between Signature and the client,” explains Jannie.

One way this local knowledge and experience can be put to use is through discounted rates which help you plan your personal experience within your budget.

“I enjoy discounted trade tariffs with service providers, especially the hotels and game lodges and am often able to put a holiday together at a lesser/more reasonable price than the client would if they had tried to put it together themselves,” tells Jannie. 

Booking A Tour:

“Do you want to travel at a quick pace to see as much as possible? Do you want to go slowly? Are there specific things you and your travel companions have discussed that must be included in the experience? What are your priorities between culture, wildlife, scenery, beaches?” These are only some of the questions that will be asked of clients to create the best holiday experience. 

Signature Tours gets to know what you want and then organises the experience in Southern Africa according to your dreams and wishes. By working with Signature Tours, you chart your course through Southern Africa alongside professionals and experienced South Africans who will ensure you get the most out of your holiday.