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Responsible Tourism
Effective responsible tourism values lie at the core of Signature Tours. The focus of our tours is often on special sites, chosen because of unique qualities. It is therefore important for us to be certain that the activities, natural places, places of accommodation, transport providers, etc. adhere to responsible tourism guidelines thereby ensuring that the impact we have in those areas is minimised whilst ensuring the greatest guest experience possible.

By booking a tour through us you either contribute directly or indirectly towards worthwhile ecological, economical and social causes.
  • Economical - the growth of businesses in the local communities where you travel to.
  • Ecological - the conservation of the unique natural habitats of our region, especially the smaller private nature reserves.
  • Social – the support of local communities through trustworthy programmes & focusing on cultural highlights.

What you may expect:

Through the activities you take part in, you get the opportunity to interact and enjoy true South African experiences. We take our clients to local festivals when they coincide with a holiday. During our walks we stay on well marked paths and we always take our litter home with us.

We work in partnership with local businesses & accommodation. Guests have an opportunity to visit small local businesses and we encourage clients to buy home-made products.

Our team of specialist tour guides and local experts will ensure that you have an authentic experience. The guides have wide experience and knowledge of cultural traditions & environmental issues and an ability to interpret the places visited.

As we often operate in coastal areas, we support the South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative by educating guests on buying ‘green’ seafood products. South Africa is also a water scarce country and guests are also educated on this as part of the tour.

What we practically do:

In the office we:
  • Replaced all our existing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs – and we dispose of them safely (they contain a very small amount of the toxic element mercury) at Woolworths or Pick & Pay when they burn out.
  • Formed a recycle club with another tour operator in our area.
  • Switch off lights when vacating a room.
  • Don't over-fill our electric kettle and boil only what we need.
  • Switched off our geyser and only heat water as needed.
  • Make sure our computers, printers and other electrical appliances are also switched off at the power source when not in use.
  • Open our curtains in the morning and close at night to control temperature.
  • Recycle printer and toner cartridges.
  • Avoid printing whenever possible.
  • Minimize our travel - share transport and car-pool with friends and work colleagues.
  • Hold video conferences instead of commuting whenever possible
  • Know that toilets use a lot of water for each flush. So we filled a couple of plastic bottles with water and put these in our cistern.
  • Buy organic and locally produced produce as far a possible.
  • Aim to book the most fuel efficient vehicle for clients for each tour.

The owners' social responsibility and involvement:

  • Jannie has been a facilitator, training promising upcoming businesses as well as a mentor in the Tourism Business Forum’s Mentorship Program for the past four years.
  • We support smaller companies and local guides as service providers were possible.
  • When choosing products for gift bags we put emphasis on supporting local businesses and goods. We also support the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative Estates when buying wine for our functions.
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Lynne, Australia
What a great holiday we had.  South Africa is a beautiful country.  We loved Cape Town.  All the tours were wonderful but I particularly enjoyed going to the top of Table Mountain, (the day was lovely and clear and the ocean was so calm), and going to Hermanus.  What a lovely town and the drive there was spectacular…  We had seafood and it was very, very good…. One thing I liked was that there was music everywhere with people singing or playing instruments in the street.  It was very nice. I bought a couple of CDs of African music home with me.  Anyway, thanks again for organising the tours for us.  We loved our stay in your country.
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